Success in Art of Bonsai Is To Know How to Care for a Bonsai Tree

Growing a bonsai tree or plant requires effort, attention, proper care and skill to come up with a great appearance and plant symmetry. The hard work put into growing it makes it a priced possession. It can be an indoor as well as outdoor plant. Whichever location is chosen, you should never forget how to care for a bonsai tree.

If you are still an amateur in this Japanese horticulture, you should choose the specie of plant or tree that is adaptable to your location. This is because you have to provide for the specific needs of a plant. Bonsai is no different to the full grown counterpart. Providing it with its specific needs to grow and subsist is the only way to make your miniature tree look healthy and pretty. In your venture into bonsai art, the steps on how to care for a bonsai tree must be known.


Choose the container – first step on how to care for a bonsai tree

How-to-care-for-a-bonsai-treeThe choice of the container – pots and jugs – is the first lesson when you want to know how to care for a bonsai tree. Usually the bonsai is planted on a tray pot, big enough for the small plant’s environment and growth. Regarding how to care for a bonsai tree, you have to transfer or repot it annually in order to promote the growth of new roots. It is possible that the size grows bigger as you continue to care for it so you will need to transfer it in a bigger container.

For your pot for bonsai you have specifications or specific designs for the pot. There should be holes on the sides of the pot. There is a given purpose for this; the excess water can be drained out of the holes. This will not make the plant overflow with water.

Necessities to make a bonsai grow and live

Like any other plant, your bonsai has necessities in life. It needs water, sunlight and fertilizer. Since trees have different water requirements, you should be able to select the right tree species to grow. Depending on the type of tree, the bonsai will also need more water which you have to supply. You should also ensure that the soil is always moist and not constantly dry. However, you should not also over-water your bonsai plant otherwise you will harm the non-fully developed bonsai roots. You are over-watering when you see the leaves are wilting and turning yellowish. Over supply of water on the bonsai plant leads to growth of fungi.

You should also know the art of fertilizing the plant. This is another part of learning how to care for a bonsai tree and make it grow. The fertilizer is a plant nutrient which you should not forget to feed the plant with. This is their nutrient and vitamins.

Any Bonsai tree needs sunlight. Bonsai do need to manufacture its foods and they do require sunlight for photosynthesis or plant food manufacturing.

Additional care for bonsai tree

The last part to know on how to care for a bonsai tree pertains to the handling of the plant. There is a right way to repot, prune and trim the growing bonsai. You repot it annually and as you do it, cut some parts of the roots. This will prevent excessive growth of the plant so that it does not grow too tall. You are prohibited from pruning it with ordinary scissors. You will need to invest on special trimming tools designed for use in bonsai tree. You have a tool for cutting leaves and you have another tool for shaping the tree and one other for tweaking the branches.

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You now realize that there is so much to learn about the proper way on how to care for a bonsai tree. If you will follow these tips, you will succeed in creating different bonsai from different species of plant. Success will lead to a garden of priced bonsai plants.